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afterthedream's Journal

Young and sweet
6 September 1981
13 going on 30, a walk to remember, adam brody, adoption stories, amazon.com, american idol, as the world turns, backstreet boys, backstreet slash, bare feet, barnes and noble, being barefoot, being silly, benjamin mckenzie, bisexuality, boys kissing, brian littrell, britney slash, britney spears, but i'm a cheerleader, california dreams, care bears, chris kirkpatrick, cmt, country music, cross-country road trips, cuddling, dancing, diet pepsi, diet vanilla pepsi, dirty dancing, disney, driving, driving barefoot, driving cross-country, driving in the rain, driving late at night, elvis movies, eurpope, fairies, femme slash, flip flops, flower fairies, fred and george, french, gay boys, gertie, girl happy, girls kissing, girly movies, going barefoot, greece, jamba juice, joey fatone, kevin richardson, kissing, kissing boys, kissing girls, lance and jessie, lance bass, late nights at denny's, london, lyrics, malibu and pineapple juice, malibu shores, man in the moon, mandy moore, mgm musicals, michelle branch, miracle, mmc, movie quotes, music, my bed, my car, newsies, nick carter, nicole eggert, noah's bagels, nose rings, nsync, oreo milkshakes, pad thai, paris, paul simon's graceland, penny and me, pineapple lipbalm, pineapple smoothies, pink nail polish, pop music, portland, quoting movies, rain, reading, remember the titans, ryan gosling, ryan/seth, san francisco, shag, shirley temples, singing loudly, slash, sleeping, sleeping beauty, strawberries, summer, sytycd, tattoos, the 1950s, the 1960s, the color pink, the oc, the power rangers movie, the south, the weasely twins, toe rings, tony lucca, trickyfish, twincest, vh1, writing